Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt ~Noun~ Definition: A game in which players try to find specified items within a particular period of time.

-Source Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Scavenger in the City is not only a game but a challenge of the mind, personality, creativity, and the ability to have fun. It’s a blast for the whole group rather you are a family team, a team of coworkers, or just a fun day out with the girls or guys this is a challenge for all no matter your age or abilities. The main goal is having a great time… Oh yea and there are cash prizes for the winner and various other prizes and awards for the 2nd and 3rd place teams.
Teams of 2-4 work together to solve 12-20 clues depending on the city and amount of teams within a 2-6 mile radius. The rules are simple and easy to follow. You will also get exercise without even knowing it. You are free to travel at your own pace by running, sprinting, walking or using public transportation within the city. No personal vehicles such as; cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, roller skates/blades, skate boards or other methods of personal mobility are not permitted (With the exception of disabled transportation devices such as electric and non-electric wheelchairs).Times will vary at different city courses but average completion for winning teams is 1.5-2 hours while the race last for up to 4 hours. Every Scavenger in the City will be a whole new challenge and never the same.
Rather this is your city or your just visiting and want to participate, The Scavenger in the City will give you the chance to “Discover the Unknown”…