The Scavenger in the City, is a chance to explore various cities in America as well as Internationally while having fun with friends or family. Teams will consist of 2,3, or 4 people of any age however one team member must be at least 21 years of age. Registration begins approx. 1.5 hours prior to the start of the Scavenger Hunt Event to check-in, sign release forms, pick-up T-shirts, and get prepared to Scavenge. The Scavenger hunt will consist of solving 10-20 clues (number will depend on amount of teams participating and host city). Unlike a traditional scavenger hunt where you may be required to gather or collect items and bring them back to the starting point, “Scavenger in the City” just requires pictures of the particular item you are hunting like certain statues, events, places or monuments. Some of the clues will involve challenges with team members or random strangers on the street. Once you have completed all challenges you will return back to the designated starting point for the event officials to log your time and check your answers. The Scavenger hunt challenges your mind, personality and abilities. Here are the rules below:

  1. Safety is our top priority so always obey all city, state and federal laws or ordinances. This is an open challenge there are no blocked off roads or closed areas. Part of the challenge is maneuvering around obstacles including pedestrian traffic. Some checkpoints or clues lead to public establishments so always be respectful of others at all times.
  2. All participants must show a photo ID and sign a release form on the day of the event or that participant will not be permitted to participate.
  3. Cheating IS NOT tolerated and if you are caught, you will be disqualified and no refund will be given. No personal vehicles such as; cars, trucks, motorcycles, roller skates/blades, skate boards or other methods of personal mobility are not permitted (With the exception of disabled transportation devices such as electric and non-electric wheelchairs or personal non-motorized bicycles).
  4. At least one team member must have a smart phone or tablet with photograph capabilities. A digital camera with a screen for viewing photos taken is also permitted. GPS units, pedometers, and cellphones are permitted and can be used to assist with research for the scavenger. Each team member will be issued the scavenger clues and at least one of the clue sheets must be turned in at completion to be eligible for a prize (some races require the clue sheets to be stamped or punched at some checkpoints so it’s important to hang on to your clue sheets at all times).
  5. Only running, sprinting, walking or use of public transportation available within the city are permitted during the race.
  6. The scavenger events will take place rain, snow or shine. Some inclement weather (such as but not limited to lighting, tornadoes could result in an event being postponed or canceled) In the event such inclement weather forces a cancellation you will be granted entry into an upcoming race in another city or entry into the rescheduled race in that host city.
  7. All teams must prepay using the electronic payment system on this website and submit there t-shirt size at time of sign-up. Absolutely no refunds will be issued. Teams are highly encouraged to sign-up quick as some cities are limited to a certain number of teams and many participants sign-up early. Teams that sign-up the day of an event are subject to a $20 additional surcharge if we have availability.
  8. All “Scavenger in the City” participants must wear there issued shirt, shirts can be cut up or altered to a participants liking. tasteful non-vulgar or obscene costumes or organized themes are permitted by teams in lieu of wearing the event shirt. Each team member will be issued a team number to wear at all times.
  9. To qualify for prizes and a top 3 placement, all team members must participate in the Scavenger and return to the starting point. (Only one completed clue sheet needs to be turned back in.)
  10. Participants/teams can not interfere with other participants/teams or block their progress in any way.
  11. All rulings of the onsite event official will be final.