Do the registration fees go to any charities or a cause?

YES, we at “Scavenger in the City” are huge animal lovers and we contribute a portion of our proceeds from every event to the host city’s local ASPCA!

What’s ASPCA:

They believe that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans, and must be protected under the law. Learn more about our history, mission, and what we do to help animals nationwide.  www.aspca.org

Will you be providing water or food?

No, so you are strongly encouraged to bring a water or something to keep you hydrated. Our starting/finishing points will typically kick-off at some type of restaurant location and all participants all encouraged to stay eat, drink, have fun and mingle. (Some locations will offer special deals or discounts on food and beverages.)

Do we have to have a team name?

No, but it is strongly recommended, it makes for a cool competition and fun for all teams. Names can be simple as your last name or a goofy name that means something to your team.

Can I register without a teammate?

Yes, you can sign-up alone, but you must have at least one teammate for event day. All participants must show a picture ID and sign a waiver.

How can teams travel through the scavenger hunt? are we permitted to use vehicles?

No personal vehicles such as; cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, roller skates/blades, skate boards or other methods of personal mobility are not permitted (With the exception of disabled transportation devices such as electric and non-electric wheelchairs). Teams are permitted to use any form of public transportation such as city buses or subways.

How long does typical Scavenger Hunt last?

On average a competing team will place in 1.5-2hrs or less, the event has a 4 hour time limit and officials will be pulled from checkpoints after this time allotted. All teams are allowed to keep there challenge sheets and take as long as they want to finish on their own pace.

Do I have to wear the “Scavenger in the City” logo shirt? and what color is it so I can match?

This season they are Green with our logo on the shirt. Yes unless your team has special matching uniforms or themed non-vulgar or obscene costumes, our logo shirts must be worn in some fashion during the event along with a team number that will be issued.

Is there a set course to follow?

No! Once teams get there challenge sheets at the beginning of the event they will be able to determine there own method to complete the Scavenger Hunt. There is no particular order for completion.

What is the cost?

The team fees are as follows: A team must consist of at least 2 participants but no more than 4 maximum. A 2 person team fee is $80 total for the team, a 3 person team is $100 and a 4 person team is $120. During time of sign-up full payment for a team is required, however if you sign-up alone (aren’t sure of who you want your teammates to be yet) you can bring your final team the day of race, they just must bring a photo ID and sign release forms.

What will clues and challenges consist of?

Clues will challenge your brain and get your mental gears turning. They will usually lead you to a checkpoint or an item or location where a picture is needed. Challenges consist of various games or photo opportunities that involve teammates or complete strangers willing to lean a hand. This could be a whacky pose or sequence of events. Sometimes puzzles or riddles will need to be completed as part of a challenge. Some checkpoints during the hunt will be staffed by an official who might require you to complete a challenge for a challenge sheet stamp or punch.

What is ‘Scavenger in the City”?

Scavenger in the City is not only a game but a challenge of the; mind, personality, creativeness and the ability to have fun. It’s fun for the whole group rather your a family team, a team of coworkers, or just a fun day out with the girls or guys this is a challenge for al,l no matter your age or abilities. The main goal is having a blast… Oh yea there are cash prizes for the winner and various other prizes and awards for the 2nd and 3rd place teams.

Teams of 2-4 work together to solve 12-20 clues depending on the city and amount of teams within a 2-6 mile radius. The rules are simple and easy to follow. You will also get exercise without even knowing it. You are free to travel at your own pace by running, sprinting, walking or using public transportation within the city. No personal vehicles such as; cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, roller skates/blades, skate boards or other methods of personal mobility are not permitted (With the exception of disabled transportation devices such as electric and non-electric wheelchairs).Times will vary from different city course but average completion for winning teams is 1.5-2 hours while the race last for up to 4 hours. Every Scavenger in the City will be a whole new challenge and never the same.

What if I can’t find a checkpoint or solve a clue?

If you can’t find a checkpoint or solve a clue, keep looking, ask for help, and look for other teams in the area that might be closing in on that clue. The clues are designed to be solved fairly easy by anyone while still creating a challenge. You may have to read a clue more than once and really think about. Teams can use there smartphone devices to assist in solving clues.